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A Book CircusLauraHi, my name is Laura and I like to read and talk about books.
A Novel EscapeTrevauhn GrantThis is the personal vlog of author Trevauhn A Grant. A Novel Escape is focused on book reviews and exploring ideas related to fictional books.
Aaliyah loves to readAaliyahHi!! My name is Aaliyah, I’m 17 years old and I love to read, reading makes my happy
Along the PagesAmani RiversJust another 20 year old women overly excited about books
Andrea NilesAndrea
Angel in OasisAngel
Aniya ReadsAniyaHey Yall Welcome to our CHANNEL!!! Our names are Jaylen & Aniya. On this channel you can look to see challenges, vlogs, pranks, story times and more!
ArtBooksLifeDenise D CooperI enjoy social media for the positivity, and entertainment that I find. I love it for the research and teaching element. I love the possibility of connecting to humans who love life and don't complain much. Life is a gift that is short and unpredictable. Thanks for being here. I love my children and this channel is for them.
Ashley EpidemicAshley DominiqueBooks!
Aubrie JohnsonAubrie JohnsonI cope with the tragic reality of human existence with journaling, cats, and books.
Behind Tha PagesBook Reviews, Book Recommendations, Book Talk
Belinda's Book NookBelindaHello! My name is Belinda and I enjoy reading and discovering books. I love all things books related from experiencing serious cover love to hoarding cool bookmarks. I have started this channel so that I can increase my opportunities to meet more people that have the "book bug". I visit my local bookstores regularly and my library card is one of the most used cards in my wallet! I even hoard a very large amount of books on my Kindle. When I'm not reading, I am playing in my craft room creating paper products for my Etsy shop, playing in my garden or hanging out with my husband and two boys. I look forward to meeting you and hearing your bookish stories and recommendations!
Bewitching BibliophileAisha Oaktree Book Soundrtacks, Book Reviews, Book Hauls, Book Discussions, Book Events & Bucket List Bookish Things for fans pf Young Adult, New Adult but mostly Adult, Erotica Romance & anything Paranormal.
Book Girl MagicRenee AmandaMy journey being bookish and abroad. All things books, travel and Black Girl Magic!
Book ItAyeshaWelcome to Book It. I'm your friendly reader Ayesha. A Jamaican with a passion for Books, food, coffee and the colour black
Booked With JameelahJameelahHi! Welcome to my booktube channel! My name is Jameelah and I'm 22 years old and head over heals in love with reading. I'm so excited to talk about books and gush over characters with you.
Bookish RealmBookish Endeavors! Book Hauls, Reviews, TBR, and so much more!!!
Books and Big HairIndiaBooktuber and author
Books by LeynesLeynes
Books by NatureBernyHi guys! My name is Berny and I am a book lover. Always have been and always will be! I was born and raised in Haiti and now currently live in Florida where I am pursuing a master in public administration. I enjoy reading Ya, NA and adult fiction. My favorite genres are historical fiction, fantasy and dystopia.
Books on StereoCharlesxplosionI'm a connoisseur of all types of media. I binge watch all the latest shows and bring you the best reviews around town. I am a Book Warrior and I devour all types of fun books. And don't be surprised as I amaze you with my drawings of anime characters.I want to share my thoughts with you guys so join me and let's discuss!
Books with B
Books with ShaeShae
BookswithRachelEyoRachelI am a proud bookaholic who loves to talk about books!
Bowties & BooksJesseHey there! My name is Jesse. I love dapper fashion, diverse reading genres, and interactive videos. You'll find social commentary, skits, trips/vlogs, and plenty of comic and book reviews on this channel!
Brandi Janee's BookshelfBrandi
Brazen Babe ReadsA mixed bag channel where there will be weekly or bi-weekly videos recapping some of the books I've read/hauled, movies/tvshows I've watched, Journaling and a couple of DiYs.
Bree HillBreeHello, I'm Bree. I am an Air Force Veteran, Columnist for Frolic Media and Online College Student. Unapologetic Romance Reader who loves crock pot meals, Hallmark Christmas movies and latte's from my local coffee shop. I'm a 30something seeking balance, rocking out to 90s grunge and documenting small moments from my life along the way.
Brittaney BarfieldBrittaney
Brown Girl ReadingDee DeeFounded and hosts #ReadSoulLit during BHM each year. Also hosts read alongs.
Brown Gurls ReadNot your usual booktuber.I am a book and movie enthusiast, which means I'm socially awkward asf.I love books. Did I mention that? I love literature. I am a huge fan of the 18th and 19th century literature; prose, poetry and occasionally, plays.My super power is loneliness. I am talented at being lonely. I am black. By that I mean, I may or may not have an accent and may or not be an ex slave. I love witches.I don't appreciate them trying to kill me though. But I love story arcs revolving around witches, werewolves, vampires. I really don't care about the elves.One day, if I become president of the United states, I will improve my social skills. Until then suck and bare with me.I can't wait to share my thoughts on books I love with y'all. XoXo Also, subscribe and hit the like button and Jesus will die again for your sins.STAY AWKWARD.
Burneeka Y. TindaleBurneeka Y. TindaleHi, my name is Burneeka Y. Tindale. I am a BookTuber and a Self-Published Author. I am currently writing my second novel which I hope to publish later this year. Follow me on my journey to become a New York Times Best Selling Author. I also dabble in makeup and movies. My channel will specialize in Vlogging, Book Reviews and Updates on my reading, my Novel journey, and anything else that is fun and exciting.
CALLewisATLCalI'm the author of the book, Maxed Out (available now on Amazon in paperback and Kindle format)
Capri's Book IslandCapri Nicole Hello booktubing world! Im Capri Nicole and this is Capri'sBookIand On this channel you can expect bookish rants, Bookish challenges, Book Tags, Cosplay, and a dash of fabulousness. If you like my content be sure to like, comment, subscribe, and share.
ChanelletimeChanelle☆ ☾ welcome, friends! ☆ ☾ just a college student on the internet ~ just here to read books and watch movies and scream about all the things i adore
Chasing PagesSimonehi, i'm simone, a 20 yr old college student who loves reading and writing
Chastiny GChastiny GHi everybody welcome to my channel! My name is Chastiny and I love reading books. For this reason I will be making videos about books. As of right now I only have one show is called As I Read and it’s me reacting to books as I read them on Fridays @ 10am/1pm est. My overall goal is to build a table and have you all come sit at it with me. We can even have snacks.
Christina MarieChristina MarieBlackGirl Booknerd | Professional Eye Roller | Makeup Lover | UCLA Alum | Friend of Jesus |Introvert | INTJ/Type 8
Christina SophiaChristina SophiaLiterary videos for all the fan girls and boys. :
Come Read withTiara a book and lifestyle blogger. On this channel, I freely talk about books, events I attend, countries/places I visit, and my weight loss journey.
ComfyCozyupPeta Welcome to Comfy Cozy Up! I am a book and lifestyle blogger. On this channel, I freely talk about books, events I attend, countries/places I visit, and my weight loss journey. Feel free to watch some videos, comment, share, and subscribe.
Cozy Nature ReadsAmbrhello! welcome to my little corner of the internet ?? on this channel you can expect book related videos, college life videos and vlogs
Diana in ColourDianaThis is where I talk about the one true love in my life, books.
Diary of a Sensitive MermaidCharlotte“We are shaped and fashioned by what we love. Hi there! You who found my channel in this abyss of YouTube videos. Welcome to my channel Diary of A Sensitive Mermaid! I’m Charlotte V Manor aka Aquarius ♒️ Nice to meet you. I started this channel for my love of books, storytelling , and vlogs
diaryofareaderDe'JaSharing my love of books with all you literary fems and gents!
Dope LibrarianJasmineBooks and other things.
Downright BookishAshleyWelcome to my channel! I'm Ashley and I'm a writer who loves to read. I also like binding books, eating sushi, shopping for office supplies, and collecting art. Every week I'll post one video on book reviews, book hauls and maybe even some writing tips. I hope you enjoy! I love reviewing books from publishers and self-published authors. Here is a link to my review policy:
Extend Beyond BordersTia
Francina SimoneFrancina SimoneFrancina Simone is the author of The Guardians Trilogy, a young adult urban fantasy that explores the strength of love and lost. She was born in Germany, spent her childhood in hot the urban jungle of Orlando Florida, and now resides in the Rockies where she spends more of her time far away with her characters in their quest to make the right decisions in worlds brimming with romance, moral ambiguity, and often times, a touch of magic.
freeformladyLadyThis channel is all about my love for books with a little sprinkle of my every day life.
Giselle Mills GiselleHi Everyone! I'm Giselle Mills, a Caribbean author from the islands of Trinidad and Tobago, and St. Kitts and Nevis. I absolutely love reading and writing! Here on my channel I post book reviews, and other book-related videos with an emphasis on promoting books written by Caribbean authors. I also post updates on my writing progress.
Griot NotesSochi AzuhI'm a book reviewer, writer, photography enthusiast, and marketing specialist. Literature, book discussions, wholesome creativity are at the centre of my passion. Do you love to read? Do you love to share what you've learnt? Then this is the Channel for you and I welcome you to my YouTube Channel, Cool Reads. Click Subscribe to stay updated on my content. Presently, I post videos once a week but promise to ramp this up as I get through more books.
IBHUKUNtombiHey, Ntombi here. I'm currently based in Johannesburg, South Africa and I've created this channel as a creative outlet that links to my passion for reading and books. I'll be sharing video's about literature, including but not limited to books, poetry and other reading material. My aim is to share as much as I can, inspire other bookworks, have fun on here and catalogue my favourite literature gems for the #Booktube community.
ilivieforbooksOliviaHi! My name is Olivia (nickname Livie which is the inspiration for my cheesy channel name XD) and this is my way of rambling about and showing all things I love which is usually books, movies, art, and anything else I feel like really. Thanks for coming across my channel!
Jessica Nicole DickersonJessicaHi! I'm Jessica Nicole Dickerson aka JND! An inspiring Actress, Writer, Illustrator and book lover. I want it actively engage in diverse stories and create the stories that I
JocelynnreadsJocelynA girl with her nose buried in a book.
Kay TKayHI! This is KAYTHEREADER and this channel is all about books and reading. I hope you will enjoy!
ke-sha ForsakenKe-shaHi, I Do Book Hauls & Tag Videos and Once In A While Book Reviews.
Key Read ThatKeyWelcome to my corner of the Internet, I am just a girl who LOVES books and loved reading new things, you'll watch me be awkward , weird, a bit crazy all over the name of books. What can I say, I'm a book addict...there is no recovering.
Kimberly AnneKimberlyHey guys! Whats up, it's Kimberly Anne. Welcome to my channel. I love reading and introducing others to books that are inclusive. This is a place where you can get to know me *smiley face*.
Krissy the WhimsyKrissy Books, Tea, and Art....that's my jam :)
Lamour De BooksJasmineHi, my name is Jasmine aka Lamour de Books and welcome to my channel! I upload wrap ups, reading vlogs, reccomendations, and reviews! Thank you so much for checking out my channel and please also check out my socials below!
Left on ReadJourdanThis channel was inspired by a brown girl dreaming to see herself in ART. This Channel discusses all things Entertainment; mainly featuring the works of minorities, primarily black women. Works behind and in front of the screen, on the cover of books and the ones who hold the Pen.
Lexi_PepReadsBiannaFollow me as I fall back in love with reading and review 40 books in 2020! Also, tv shows, films and podcast reviews!
Life is a Page TurnerIndiaWelcome to my Youtube Channel! I share stuff about all things books! I add in a little bit of tech, travel, and lifestyle in there as well.
LindaReadsLindaThis channel will hopefully be a constant affirmation and reminder that my voice is valid and my opinion matters. I hope to create a community of book lovers who are eager to have casual but critical conversations about books. I believe you don't need a specific set of skills or an arsenal of jargon approved by the literary community to talk about books. The only prerequisite, if any, is a deep passion for books.
Literary NessieJust a twenty-something Slytherin who decided to join Booktube. I don't self-promote cuz anxiety.
Little Wolf ReadsMyonnaHi, My name is Myonna and I’m a 21 year old from Michigan. I make videos every week so stay tuned! i will read mostly anything so here you’ll find all kinds of reader content. i make creative videos as well as book reviews, hauls and monthly wrap ups.
Lotus Life with Myah JonetMyahHi! Welcome to my channel! You can call me Myah. I'm a librarian and aspiring novelist on a journey to read all the books, eat all the food, do as much yoga as possible, and become debt free. Welcome to my journey!I have a blog where I infrequently post things and I have an Instagram where content is updated just as infrequently but more frequently than the blog. Hopefully this channel will be a happy medium!
Lucie ReadsLucieWelcome to my channel all about books! Here you can find everything from book discussions/reviews to book tag videos.
MaiawithniMaiaHi! My name is Maia, and welcome to my channel! What you are about to see is the mixture of hair, lifestyle, booktube, and travel content that is maiawithani. Hope you enjoy.
Marita ReadsMarita
Mathis BaileyMathisI highly enjoy reviewing novels set in India, a place I visited many times. I also enjoy reviewing books set in other parts of the world.
Medusa ReadsToriHi. My name is Tori and I’m 25 years old. I drink and talk about books and stuff so... welcome, friends
Melanin EclecticFinally a channel that is as diverse as my mind. I cannot say my channel has one focus because I love so many things. My melanin stays popping and my Nerdom lives everyday with a beat face just trying to navigate this stage of my life called Adulting. I hope you all enjoy.
Melonin Book BabeNicoleThis is where I talk about all things books, bookish tags, book hauls, and what I'm currently reading.
Mika AugusteMikaHey guys! My name is Mika and on my channel you will find all things book related! Reviews, book hauls, vlogs, & more
Mommy Loves to Read ReadOlivia
Morgan GayleMorgan
Musical TatiTatianaI love to read and I love music. While my social sharing began with my blog, I decided to begin doing videos here and there to share my thoughts on what I read and see with the YT community and to give a little back to the folks I've been watching for the last few years. Comments are appreciated and encouraged, but poppycock, foolishness & fuckery will not be tolerated! No tear downs here.
My fictional World XTamaraHey There!!! I'm Tamara and I love reading a novel where I can dive into an adventure and fall in love with the world and the characters. If you have any suggestions of books to read, feel free to leave them in the comment section below! If you would like for me to give a honest review of a book, please email me at: [email protected]
Myah's Book CaféMayaWelcome to my book cafe! You can call me Myah. I'm a librarian and aspiring novelist on a journey to read all the books and eat all the food I can!
Myonna ReadsMyonnaHi, My name is Myonna and I’m a 21 year old from Michigan. I make videos every week so stay tuned! i will read mostly anything so here you’ll find all kinds of reader content. i make creative videos as well as book reviews, hauls and monthly wrap ups.
Nay's Pink BookshelfNayHello loves!Welcome to my channel! My name is Nay Denise and I'm a 23 year old book addict. I love all things paranormal and fantasy. I mostly enjoy YA novels, but always find a good read from New Adult and Adult books as well. My channel will consist of book reviews, tags, hauls and many other book related things.
NeeksNekaThe truth is that I have an unhealthy obsession with Power Rangers. There. I said it. Ask me literally anything about Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Do not ask me about Samurai as I do not acknowledge that it happened. My name is Neka, Neeks for short even though Neka is already a nickname and I bid thee welcome!I do Let's Plays, I do comic reviews, Novel reviews, random reviews, unboxings and really whatever suites my fancy in the moment. Thank you for stopping by, hope you stick around! There is plenty to see and plenty to do!
Nerd it This WayMahalia
Noria ReadsNoriaI read a ton of books and talk about them too.
Oh She ReadsOchuole OdeI like big books and I cannot lie.
Onyx PagesNjeriA Booktube channel dedicated to African Science Fiction, Afrofuturism, Sci-Fi, Magical Realism, Fantasy and Horror literature.
OpalescentOpalHi, I'm Opal! I make vlogs and bookish videos. My hobbies include procrastination, playing the piano and going bankrupt after weekly trips to the bookstore. Stick around if you want to see me do all that and more (NEW VIDEOS EVERY FRIDAY!)
Owl Eyes ReviewsGabieHello! My name is Gabie :) I enjoy reading, writing, imagination and anything else that makes me realize how wonderful this world can be. If you would like to join me on this journey of exploration feel free to subscribe.
Paballo SeipeiPaballo SeipeiSouth African Booktuber. Book reviews. Bookish things.
Positive WriterBin UserkafMy names Bin Userkaf and I'm just someone who loves to read, watch tv and movies, write, and edit videos! Welcome to my channel! I do book tags and review and promote books. shows, movies and book-to-movie adaptations. I'm known for my rants mostly but I'm also a very positive person that is passionate about a lot of things. I hope you enjoy your stay! Don't forget to comment and subscribe. I look forward to making videos for you all!
Pretty Brown Eye ReaderAlishaHi! Welcome to the Pretty Brown Eye Reader channel. My channel name comes from being told all my life “you have the prettiest brown eyes”. I am a book lover, poetry connoisseur, subscription box addict, and black business enthusiast. I started this channel to have discussions on books, get recommendations, and have fun!
Rachel DuncanRachel
Rachel RaeRachel RaeBook news, reviews, and hauls OH MY! If you are interested in all things bookish, then come and hang with me! I upload new content at least once a week, so don't forget to subscribe!
Rae of BooksRaeI greatly enjoy reading books, talking about books, and just being around books in general. I primarily read fiction, historical fiction, fantasy, and non-fiction books/articles focused on medieval history. This channel is mostly a toss up of book related things such as; book reviews, tags, hauls, and discussions about reading. Hope you enjoy and have a great day and read a wonderful book! :D
Read Love ListenWelcome to my channel! I will feature hair reviews, book reviews, unboxings and miscellaneous lifestyle videos.
Reading Between the LinesBrandynHELLO! Welcome to my channel, Reading Between The Lines, a channel where I talk about books and things of that nature. I am your host Brandyn! I'm really excited to be a part of the booktube commmunity..although I am currently what they call a booktube newbie lol. But its a great corner of Youtube and I'm really excited to do book reviews and discuss the books I find, enjoy or think can provide value to you all! Also, I'm pumped to get recommendations..thats another awesome part
Rissa ReadsMarissaJust a fun outlet to discuss my favorite reads (and there are many.) Grab your favorite mug, pour a hot cup of coffee and let's chat!
Runwright ReadsKarenWriter and booktuber
Select PagesMia Select Pages Media a place where writers and creators of all things bookish can share their work. I provide both written and video reviews upon request.
Shellie Mae ReadsShellie MaeWelcome to my channel! I will review books non-fiction and fiction and facilitate book discussions. I will present book hauls for adults and children.
Silver Rose Reads
SomdahsayssoSomdahSaysSoHello and welcome! I'm SomdahSaysSo, and I love to read and make videos talking about the books I read. I upload videos every week. Thank you for taking the time to check out my channel. Enjoy & Subscribe!
Steph's Romance Book TalkStephanieStephanie's Romance Book Talk also known as Romance Booktuber! I'm all about reading, reviewing, and supporting all types of romance books and authors!!
Stories by StarsMartinaClearly books are my hobby
tb_ejTaraYou can follow me on: Instagram: tb_ej Goodreads: Email: [email protected] And of course this channel! ☺️
Tea Time T ReadsTolaniHi. I'm Tolani and I'm 19 years old. I like big books and long cheques- but I think the latter has much to do with the first.
Tell's of TalesBrea
The Artisan GeekSeji
The Book Archer
The Bookish VineyardD. Ann Welcome to my BookTube channel where I'll be sharing my thoughts on books while pairing them with adult beverages and sometimes food.
The Bookish WallfleurColei failed bio in ninth grade ♡.
The Broken SpineEricaHi friends! I'm Erica and welcome to my booktube channel. I plan on posting on a minimum once a week. For the most part, I enjoy reading all genres with the exception of romance. Sorry to all those lovers of romance. I primarily read mystery, thriller, & crime. Over the last couple of years, I've rediscovered Science Fiction, Fantasy, & Young Adult. My focus on this channel will be book reviews, TBRs, book hauls, recommendations and maybe the odd, "I work at a bookstore" story.
The Lit StoopBlue Welcome to The Lit Stoop where I review, recommend, and revere everything LIT(erature)! Come get your weekly dose of books, life and everything in between.
The Novel LushLaurenLauren here! My daily struggle is: adulting or reading....adulting or reading. A book and a glass of wine! Takes care of that dilemma rather nicely, now don't you think?
The StoryscapeDominiqueHello! Welcome to The Storyscape, your source for fun and exciting reviews and recommendations of contemporary literature. This is a platform for readers especially, but the goal is to make it as inviting for readers who read over or under 12 books a year. No reader is off limits! So, enliven your literary experience and subscribe!
The Thrifty ReaderHi! For as long as I can remember I’ve loved reading. I want to continue that passion through this channel in a frugal way that everyone can enjoy
This Brown Girl Reads (tbgreads)I started this channel to share my reviews and POV from books I have read. I try to read a lot of feminine based stories as well as stories written by people of color. I hope from my videos you can find a book that you are interested in and maybe you'll like to share your thoughts on them with me.
Tin Minute Book ReviewsThe content of this page will be devoted to the reviewing of books, both mainstream and indi. If you would like a particular book reviewed (even your own), please don't hesitate to message us!!!
Tori MorrowToriWelcome to my channel! I read across the genres/sub-genres of adult science fiction, post-apocalyptic, and fantasy. I also enjoy short story collections. New videos every Thursday. Starting Summer 2019, book reviews on Sunday. *Sorry, I am not currently accepting self-published books for review*
Troi TowelTroiMy name is Troi. And I want to vibe with you with my Southern, no-chaser humor. My channel delves into my passion for BOOKS | DRAWING | LIFE! Had I had the ability to capitalize on one subject, I would. Yet, I’m not known for following conventions very well. Ask my family and friends. So I express it all on this channel freely. A channel where I want to inspire others to read. To share their art with others. To create positive life changes (I’m a Louise Hay junkie). And I also include my journey of mastering my own brand through print-on-demand sites such as Spreadshirt and Zazzle.
Vernitra's Book ClubVernitraI'm Vernitra, a 36-year-old writer and librarian in Houston, Texas who loves books. I love stories that are entertaining, inspiring, or teach me something interesting. I enjoy reading slowly and satisfyingly, soaking in every line of a great work of literature. I also enjoy sharing my bookish thoughts, and I hope you enjoy the show!
Young Gifted and BlackMarinaBooks & Lifestyle
YupIReadItAJVideos for everyone!