Martin Luther King Jr Day Plans

by belinda
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Hello, and happy new year! I am back. I somehow managed to be a naughty blogger and fell off the boat. I spent more time on my YouTube channel and started back on my Instagram account and somehow lost track of this blog. However, one thing I have to admit is I enjoy writing for this blog. The process of putting my thoughts, feelings, and questions that come from my reading journey is really important to me. I do keep a book journal for my personal archive but I always hoped that this blog would be another place where I can engage with other readers. So I am going to revisit and revise my plans for this blog and find a system that will work.

Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day in the United States and I have had some reading plans for this very special day. One of the books that I pre-ordered last year, was The 1619 Project by Nikole Hannah-Jones. Since we all know I am a very slow reader and this book is definitely on the chunky side, I decided to start reading it today so that I can complete it for the month of February. It will be my first buddy read for the year and I really am looking forward to all the information I will learn. I think it is the perfect book to start reading today. The importance of knowing our history is so very vital to understanding our reality today and will help us to transform our tomorrow into the world we would like it to be.

When many states are banning this book, I run to it because, for too many years, my education was incomplete. Having the opportunity to learn more is at the top of my life aspirations.

The other activity I will be doing today in honor of Dr. King, is finally watching the movie, Selma. It was released in 2014 and I have been meaning to watch it since. So how fitting to watch it on this holiday.

We must all take the time to reflect today of where this country came from, where it is today and think of how we can create the necessary changes to meet our ideals.

How are you spending your day?

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