New Series: Blind TBR Cart

by belinda
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In 2022, I saw everyone with their cute little carts filled with books to read and I was pulled in. I purchased another cart (I already owned several in my craft room) and pulled books from my bookcases to read. The idea of seeing my books daily on the cart was a visual reminder of what I had hoped to read that year. I started ok and then quickly lost interest. I was too distracted by new releases and challenges to truly make a dent in the list of books I selected.

Fast forward two years, and I haven’t given up hope that I can read more of the books I own so I quickly adapted a new version of the TBR cart to lure me into submission!! I kept seeing “blind TBR” videos and I liked the idea of selecting books and then wrapping them in pretty paper. I will help to create a feeling of something new and special when I open the wrapping each time. I numbered the books and filled a jar with the numbers that I folded to create even more mystery around the process. In February, I pulled a number and my first book to read was, “Garment of Shadows” by Laurie R. King.

The other wonderful thing about this challenge is that after I read the book, I can decide whether I keep it on my shelves or donate it. In the case of “Garment of Shadows”, I enjoyed the book but have no need to keep it so now someone else can enjoy it and I can free up space on my bookshelves. And the burden of unread books on my shelves gets a little lighter. I will be sure to keep you updated on the books I select each month so you can know if I keep them or donate them.

Below you can watch the videos to see me go through my bookshelves to select the books for this challenge. Be sure to watch all the videos in the series so you can see all the books I selected.

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