My 2021 Reading Selections for Black History Month

by belinda
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It’s February, time to celebrate Black History Month (BHM) and I am ready to get things started. Over the years, I have established some rituals for myself during BHM. One is I usually search my local stores for black merchandise. Another is I usually display quotes from black people (famous and lesser-known) on our kitchen chalkboard. I scan the web to find out the days and times for the different educational programs that will air throughout the month. Finally, I select books from my shelves, library, or bookstore to read for the month.

Online I participate in an annual event called ReadSoulLit by Booktuber and reading extrodinaire Didi from Brown Girl Reading. For years, she has hosted events every February celebrating black authors and literature. She has an annual #readsoullit readalong that has become a most anticipated reading event. She selects a book and then anyone can join the GoodReads group to discuss the book throughout the month. Let me tell you, I have never been let down. She picks the best books. So this year I will be including the book selection and adding it to my reading this month.

I will also be participating in the ReadSoulLit photohcallenge and #ReadSoulLit Roll on Instagram.

This year, chose more than I can read but I get so excited about books I can’t stop myself from adding them to the list. I selected 5 books including a classic.

Come watch my video to hear about my book selections for BHM:

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